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Profile: Sound Head Michelle Rice makes Chodl events run smoothly

Giovanni Rojas, Reporter

February 26, 2014

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Student Life

Morton East High School is home to a lot of theatre performances, various assemblies, speeches from important figures to the school and many more different events. Making all of these events possible is a team of students who...

Q & A with Joey Armstrong, son of Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong

Virginia Tapia, Reporter

January 14, 2014

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Showcase

From Piedmont, California, drummer Joey Armstrong from “Emily’s Army” is the son of lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong of the reknown “Green Day”.  Joey was recently on hand to answer a couple questions from Mortonian...

Graffiti: Art or vandalism?

Victoria Troncoso Mandujano and Sergio Torres

January 13, 2014

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Opinion

Graffiti writing on walls, some people would refer to it as vandalism. In a survey of 57 people we asked if they thought of graffiti as art or vandalism. 50 of them answered “art”. Graffiti has been derived from many generations...

Veterans Day celebrated at Morton East

Madalena Garza, Karina Sandoval, Marisa Velezquez, and Kevin Stuva

January 13, 2014

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, News, Showcase

Morton East students honor war Veterans in a special school assembly. On Friday, November 8, MEHS students attended the Veterans Day assembly in the Chodl auditorium. 34 out of 50 students have a family member in the military...

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