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FAFSA/RISE check:  Nearly a quarter of seniors intent on college
FAFSA/RISE check: Nearly a quarter of seniors intent on college
Rosa Cota, reporter • December 16, 2020

The majority of seniors in Morton East haven't been applying for FAFSA. According...

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Teachers gifted free flu shots
Jonathan Celaya, Reporter • December 15, 2020

Morton East High School District 201 gave the gift of flu shots to its teachers...

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Biden plans for the pandemic
Eric Torres, reporter • December 11, 2020

How will President-elect Joe Biden prevent further Covid-19 damage in his upcoming...

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Students support DACA, not Trump
Esmeralda Franco, Reporter • December 9, 2020

Many students don't like Trump's immigration policies because they personally know...

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What's your word for 2020?
Sarai Hernandez, Reporter • December 8, 2020

The word of 2020 is "lockdown" -- but some students and staff disagree. According...

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Free night school for students during pandemic
Joaquin Leyva, Reporter • December 8, 2020

Students who register for night school during the pandemic are saving themselves...

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Minimum suspensions, but still happening, during remote
Francisco Montoya, Reporter • December 8, 2020

Twelve students have been suspended this year during remote learning. School suspensions...

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Students still believe election was fair
Andres Carrasco, reporter • November 29, 2020

The majority of students at East don't think the election was rigged, like Trump...

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Covid cases are high in Cicero
Covid cases are high in Cicero
Javon Parker, Reporter • November 27, 2020

Covid cases in Cicero are rising exponentially.   According to The Town of Cicero...

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Many students have quarantined
Lorena Cabrales, Reporter • November 22, 2020

Most students have probably quarantined because of Covid-19, survey says. According...

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Thanksgiving dinners still happening for half
Earbuds in:  here are the top 5 pandemic songs of the year
Senior Diego Almaraz searching for music.
Earbuds in: here are the top 5 pandemic songs of the year
Marcus Stevens, reporter • December 9, 2020

The pandemic is affecting everything days, so it’s no surprise that COVID and quarantine are being referenced by some of our favorite artists. Here are the top...

Love listening to love songs on V-Day? Sure do
Eduardo Rodriguez, Julian Rodriguez, Brenda Arce, Jonathan Avelar, and Kensy Figueroa February 19, 2020

Music is one of the best ways to boost the Valentine's Day mood. It could be either sad because you’re lonely or very romantic that makes you think about your partner. In...

Bad Bunny is the best Latino artist outbreak of last year, according to East campus
Best Latino breakout artist of 2019
Daisy Yepez, Daniel Ramirez, Evelyn Rosales, Paola Masias, and Bryan Ocampo January 10, 2020

As reggaeton began to make a comeback in late 2018 to early 2019 many people have seen the rise of many top Latin American artists. Reggaeton brings the life out in music...

Chicago Tribune's 25 Songs of Summer 2019
Courtesy of Chicago Tribune, Dan DeLuca (Philadelphia Inquirer) • October 7, 2019

Looking for a playlist that has it all -- emo, pop, country, Latin, Lizzo?  Listen to the Tribune's 25 songs of this past summer!  (We put them all together with this YouTube...

2019 Lollapalooza, Picture credit: Andres Torres
Lollapalooza becomes more dangerous, deadly
Andres Torres, Jocelyn Figueroa, Daniela Ortiz, and Daniella Dominguez October 7, 2019

Most students haven't been to Lollapalooza; for those that have attended, it can be an overwhelming experience. RESULTS:  In a random survey of 1010 Morton East students,...

It's home for the holidays this year
Jesse Rodriguez, Reporter • December 17, 2020

Many MEHS students are going to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve at home in 2020. According to “all in Illinois” they explain...

Students split on old school Xmas songs, new mixes
Vivian Valencia, Reporter • December 16, 2020

This holiday, Morton East students are divided on their favorite Christmas songs:  East is stuck between the classics and the not so classics. According...

Winter break binging: what will you watch?
Samuel Calderon, Repoter • December 16, 2020

What are students going to watch during winter break? Most students at Morton East are looking forward to going on break, but the real question...

Students share their break plans
Students share their break plans
Javon Parker, Reporter • December 16, 2020

This holiday, the students of Morton will be enjoying their Christmas break in various ways while also staying safe. According to a few different...

FAFSA/RISE check:  Nearly a quarter of seniors intent on college
FAFSA/RISE check: Nearly a quarter of seniors intent on college
Rosa Cota, reporter • December 16, 2020

The majority of seniors in Morton East haven't been applying for FAFSA. According to USNews.com, the Application for Federal Student Aid,...

Fewer students fill out college applications
Thanksgiving dinners still happening for half
Many East students, staff taking time for mental well-being

Pregnant women struggle during COVID-19

December 8, 2020

Most students maintaining mental health with strategies

December 8, 2020

Majority of students feel tired, unmotivated

December 8, 2020

Most girls are wearing fake eyelashes — and most guys like it
Just walk away.  Don
How many fights happened at Morton East last semester?
Eduardo Rodriguez, Julian Rodriguez, Kensy Figueroa, Brenda Arce, and Jonathan Avelar February 13, 2020

Using the school's new system, head dean Mr. Matt Dugan reported there were 68 fights last semester:  approximately 38 sophomore fights, 21 junior fights, and 9 senior fights. ...

This would never happen at East
Can recent grads attend prom as a guest -- if so, is there an age limit?
Dayna Contreras, Maria Aguayo Hernandez • February 12, 2020

Since the time to appeal for senior activities has come. Many student go to appeal to go to prom which is a formal dance held by a high school at the end of the school year,...

Morton Alternative High School located in Cicero, IL on 54th. Ave.
What actions lead students to alternative?
Victoria Solis, Daniela Hernandez, and Dayanna Gonzalez February 11, 2020

The actions that lead students from all three district 201 campuses to alternative vary from physical altercations to simply wanting a smaller school environment. According...

Are we prepared for an active school shooter?
Flavio Rivera and Eric Rincon February 11, 2020

After the recent scare of a possible school shooter on December 10, 2019, many students wonder if we are prepared for the next situation. You could never be too careful to...

How many students drink coffee in the morning?
Alexander Amaya, Jessica Medina, and Ariana Baez February 11, 2020

The majority of Morton East students drink coffee in the morning. In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 58 said yes to drinking coffee in the morning and 42 said...

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Cristopher Guerrero, reporter
May 3, 2019

There has been a change in the place that graduation will take place this year; this year’s ceremonies will be at Morton East’s Chodl Auditorium. Morton East graduation...

Bryan Garcia, Journalist
April 30, 2019

Morton plans to add an extra mandatory hour starting 2019.  The new hour is planned to take place before 1st hour and after 0 hour. Students will be given the options...

Backpack searches to begin next year

Alexia Hernandez, Israel Carranza, and Anthony Ambriz
April 22, 2019

With the school year coming to an end and a new one quickly approaching,...

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