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Egg prices are on the rise
Students eat McDonald’s the most
Morton East students Go-to Hot Chocolate
Morton East juniors Sebastian and Jimena
Apple Music vs. Spotify at Morton East
Ismael Zepeda, Abigail Davila, Lizbeth Vargas, and Alejandro Moreno December 16, 2022

Students at Morton East High School prefer to listen to their music on Spotify rather than Apple Music.   According to Google, Spotify was first created on April 23rd,...

For East, its our Last Christmas
For East, it's our "Last Christmas"
Johan Zamudio, Jesus Gomez, and Keven Cortez December 16, 2022

Wham's "Last Christmas" had the most votes at Morton East for favorite Christmas song. In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 56 students reported that "Last Christmas"...

A students top artist on Spotify Wrapped.
Spotify Wrapped, Unwrapped
Betzaida Gonzalez Rios and Desteny Alvarado December 14, 2022

Most of Morton East students have Spotify.   In a random survey of 100 Morton East students 71% said that they have Spotify.   According to Spotify For the Record's...

Senior Jesus Gomez shows his Spotify Wrapped
Bad Bunny takes the lead at MEHS
Sophia Criollo, Jocelyn Viramontes, Melanie Orozco, and America Zarate December 14, 2022

Bad Bunny is Morton's top artist of 2022. In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, the top artist was Bad Bunny with 37 votes.  Music artist Yeat was also among...

Concert Choirs performance for Hispanic Heritage assembly.
Concert Choir Is On Their World Tour
Celeste Retana, Dilalie Arzate, and Ash Ceballos October 24, 2022

East's concert choir just completed another "World Tour." According to Tabernacle Choir’s “6 Emotional and Physical Benefits of Choral Singing,” some facts it had...

February 8, 2023

There is an extra support program available to students who have an IEP (Individual...

Egg prices are on the rise
Egg prices are on the rise
Oscar Gallardo February 6, 2023

Egg prices have gone up by 60% in 2022 and are still rising. Prices of eggs have...

Swimming is back at East
Johan Zamudio, Jesus Gomez, and Keven Cortez February 6, 2023

Morton East's pool is back in business.  Here are some thing you should know.   ...

Source: YRBS
One third of students are sexually active
Francisco Salazar and Sebastian Mantilla February 2, 2023

More than one third of students in a recent survey say that they are sexually active. In...

MEHS offers electives
Andrea Virto, Kemberlee Moreno December 15, 2022

Sophomores and juniors, it's time to choose your electives. We often hear about...

Senior Celeste Retana holding her next academic achievement.
Early Graduates "Wrapping" It Up!
Dilalie Arzate, Ashley Ceballos, and Celeste Retana December 14, 2022

As the end of first semester is wrapping up, some students will be moving in a different...

Over 100 enrolled in Morton East Recovery Program
Over 100 enrolled in Morton East Recovery Program
December 14, 2022

120 students are currently in the Morton East recovery program. As many of you...

Photos of fights like this one are often captured on students phones.
Recording a fight could get you suspended
Fernando Gutierrez and Jason Ortega December 7, 2022

5 fights in one day. Every 10 out of 50 people have recorded a right  Have...

Mid term elections results on a computer
Mid-Term Elections Made History
Desteny Alvarado and Betzaida Gonzalez Rios November 30, 2022

This year's, 2022, mid-term elections made history.   In a random survey of 100...

It looks like the pandemic hit parent-teacher conferences pretty hard too.
Number of parents at Parent-Teacher Conferences inconsistent
Omar Gutierrez, reporter • October 27, 2022

According to Dr. Parrie, assistant principal of operations at Morton East High school,...

Morton East Students at Work
TikTok use at Morton East
TikTok use In Morton East
Morton East Students at Work
TikTok use In Morton East
Students note the, expenses and consequences of Street racing
Teens plan on dressing up this Halloween
If You Ain’t Croc’in’, You Ain’t rockin’

Cristopher Guerrero, reporter
May 3, 2019

There has been a change in the place that graduation will take place this year; this year’s ceremonies will be at Morton East’s Chodl Auditorium. Morton East graduation...

Bryan Garcia, Journalist
April 30, 2019

Morton plans to add an extra mandatory hour starting 2019.  The new hour is planned to take place before 1st hour and after 0 hour. Students will be given the options...

Backpack searches to begin next year

Alexia Hernandez , Israel Carranza , and Anthony Ambriz
April 22, 2019

With the school year coming to an end and a new one quickly approaching,...

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