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Illinois becomes a sanctuary state

Jackie Leon, Osiris Aldana, Giselle Camacho, and Jennifer Soto

December 12, 2018

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Is Illinois a sanctuary for immigrants?   Immigration can be a sensitive topic for most which is a common thing here in Cicero seeing as most of the population here consists of Hispanic/Latino families. Millions of ...

Emmanuel Presbyterian Church prepares for Christmas pageant

Jackie Robles, reporter

December 12, 2018

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Community

At Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, the youth group is preparing for their Christmas play -- based on the birth of Jesus. According to Relevant Magazine, it states that most people believe that Christmas is all about drinking...

Salvador Hernandez: American success story via Los Gallo’s

Brayer Martinez, reporter

December 12, 2018

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Community, Food

Moving from Mexico to Little Village, Salvador Hernandez opened the original Los Gallo’s restaurant in 1982. He is now one of the most popular men in Little Village and known for his specialist of the house called ‘’Carne en su jugo."  Salvador ...

Morton students prefer horror movies

Melissa Salgado and Alexia Hernandez

December 12, 2018

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Halloween Special, News

Most of Morton East students and staff enjoy watching scary movies.   According to Google, the scariest horror movie is the Blair Witch Project which was released in 1999. Scary movies cater to a wide audience of people and ...

Students at Morton need to step up donations

Juan Espinosa, reporter

December 12, 2018

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Less than half of students at East have donated cans to the yearly Canned Food Drive.  Here at Morton East High School, we host a Canned Food Drive in the winter holidays every year, but not so many students donate as much as t...

Students share their opinion about abortions

Javier Zenteno, Leonardo Rodriguez, Leonel Palos, and Cristian Gutierrez

December 11, 2018

Filed under Community, News, Opinion, Student Life

The majority of Morton East students support a woman’s right to choose.  In a random survey of 105 students, 68 students claim to be pro-choice. To be pro-choice means that women should have the right to choose what to ...

Cicero resident claims “Cicero’s most Christmas decorated house”

Yoselin Jaime-Avalos, Melissa Salgado, and Rosalinda Granados

December 11, 2018

Filed under Community

Looking for a way to put yourself into the Christmas spirit?  Take a trip to see Cicero’s most decorated house at 1500 South 61st Ave.  In a random survey of 110 Morton East students, 40 said they have gone and seen the house and 66 said they haven’t. According to (townofcicero.com), the resident’s have gone all out for Christmas decorating. ...

East students are staying home this winter break

Anthony Abarca, Chelsy Ochoa, Quinton Dixon, and Jacqueline Olvera

December 11, 2018

Filed under Community, News, Student Life

In a random survey of 150 Morton students and teachers most said that they were not planning on leaving the state over Christmas break this winter.   There are many reasons why one might decide to stay home rather than going out on vacation, economic reasons, hom...

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