Backpack searches to begin next year

With the school year coming to an end and a new one quickly approaching, school administrators have started taking some initiative to make the school a safer environment for students.  

Plans for the upcoming school year include backpack searches for every student entering the school building in the mornings. Administrators have felt the need to pursue such drastic measures because of the number of illegal substances found within the students’ belongings. Whether it be marijuana or vape pens, administrators would like to prevent these types of mind-altering substances in what is supposed to be a safe learning environment. By checking backpacks, administrators believe that it will discourage students from bringing such substances considering they would now have a much harder time hiding such things.  

“I feel like the backpack checks will help make the school a more beneficial place to learn. For the students who feel like they need some sort of mind-altering substance to get through the school day shouldn’t go to school, to begin with. If you can’t focus for a couple of hours without taking drugs you don’t deserve the education being provided to you”, Senior Joseph stated.  

Other students disagree with the backpack searches and feel like the school administration is taking far too drastic of measures to ensure safety.  

“I think the backpack checks are an invasion of privacy. My parents don’t even go through my things, why should my deans or principals be allowed to?”, an anonymous student said.  

It is clear many students feel that backpack checks may be too rigorous, and some teachers agree.  

“We expect our students to come to school ready and eager to learn every day, not to be searched before class has even started. I understand that drastic measures need to be taken but invading a student’s privacy by going through their personal belongings doesn’t seem like the right option”, an anonymous teacher stated.  

The mixed feelings about the backpack checks have cause administration to ponder on whether the decision should be reversed for the second semester of the school year to come. The administration still plans on conducting the searches for the first semester to see whether it will have a good or bad impact on the students and the school.  

DISCLAIMER:  This MortONION article is entirely fabricated — false.  Be careful of FAKE NEWS!  Don’t spread lies.