Graduation 2019 moved to Chodl Auditorium

Cristopher Guerrero, reporter

There has been a change in the place that graduation will take place this year; this year’s ceremonies will be at Morton East’s Chodl Auditorium.

Morton East graduation is not far with less than a month of school. Graduation will be taking place Sunday, May 26. Originally, the ceremonies have been held at UIC in Chicago for ten years. The change was said to be because of a majority of Morton East students had incompletes and would not graduate on time. It would not have been necessary to have graduation in such a big space with a smaller amount of students. On top of the decrease of graduates this year, the tickets students receive for free so they could give to family members have shortened as well. Now students only get one free ticket for a family member, students would have to pay around $85 for another if they wanted to invite family members.

“The reason for students not graduating is due to the standing incompletes, with The Chodl Auditorium being smaller it would be able to hold the small number of students this year.” Journalism teacher Mr. Frankfother said.

The change of how tickets would be given has left students upset and confused. “Why does the school need to raise prices and take away the number of free tickets, it’s now a debate on who I should take cause I don’t have enough money to take both my mom and dad,” one senior said.

DISCLAIMER:  This MortONION article is entirely fabricated — false.  Be careful of FAKE NEWS!  Don’t spread lies.