Concert Choir Is On Their World Tour

Are They the New One Direction?

East’s concert choir just completed another “World Tour.”

According to Tabernacle Choir’s “6 Emotional and Physical Benefits of Choral Singing,” some facts it had mentioned about being in a choir were that it benefits those singing in a group. Concert choir is statistically proven to be beneficial for the social well-being. Performing in such groups will improve the involvement of group activities and experience working with many people. Skills such as communication and social skills will benefit those in the long run, as it will gain them the confidence that they need.

In a survey of 17 Morton East choir students, 6 of them said that they have a passion for music and they enjoy performing.

Not only does Concert Choir go on tour at Morton East, but they also visit the Freshman Center.

“Yes, we are going to the Freshman Center next Wednesday (October 12th) for their Hispanic heritage assembly, and we are going to be singing not just Bella Cruz and Camino de Guanajuato, but we are also going to be singing different songs like Jalisco no te rajes and palomas mensajeras and other stuff,” music teacher Mr. Andres Cervantes said.

When touring Morton East, the choir performs in their Hispanic heritage assembly, as well as visiting a handful of classes. Dilalie Arzate 

“We just ask random teachers; I have the students ask their teachers if they would be interested and they said yes so then we planned it for later on,” music teacher Mr. Cervantes said.

Concert choir students are even excited to be a part of this amazing “World Tour”.

“We get to make people happy. All of us as a choir get to grow. It feels nerve wrecking at first, but then when you first start seeing those people smile, you get that confidence and feel the music,” Concert choir senior Ash Ceballos said.

Audience members have also been a part of the experience and express their own likeability of the bunch and their fascinating performances.

“I really like how well the choir works with each other. You can really tell that they are having fun when they perform and that they love what they do. I think these “World Tours” will give them the confidence to grow as performers,” senior Celeste Retana said.