If You Ain’t Croc’in’, You Ain’t rockin’

Nearly half of students here at Morton own a pair of Crocs, survey says.

In a random survey of 100 Morton East Students and staffed. Forty five students and staff reported owning a pair of Crocs.  

Crocs have been dealing with fake crocs being made. “The ungainly but comfy Crocs clogs reached new heights of popularity during the pandemic as not only the ideal work-from-home shoe but as a fashion statement spotted on the feet of Justin Bieber and on the Oscar red carpet worn by Questlove. With that popularity, however, also came copycats that has the manufacturer suing Walmart Inc., Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. and 19 other companies alleging trademark infringement related to the shoes.” This could affect the sales of Crocs.        

 According to multiple websites, Crocs were founded by Lyndon Hanson, George Boedeck and Scott Seamans. There first design “The Beach” was there first released in 2001. In 2002 Crocs started getting even more popular all around the world. There most popular Croc was the “Classic Lined Clog” That is one of 11 different designs.

Is Emily Embarrassed by her crocs!?!?

Many students have mixed emotions about Crocs. We interviewed students at Morton East on whether they like Crocs or not. “No, I hate Crocs, I hate them, I hate all types of crocs, I would rather wear slides,” Morton East student Marvin Martinez said.

But, not all students think Crocs are ridicules. ” Crocs are comfy and since you start wearing them you forget you have other shoes,” said Sophomore students Alondra Aguilar.

Staffed members as well have there own opinions about having there own Crocs.

“When I was in high school, (Crocs) were really unpopular; you would get picked on if you wore them, so now it’s interesting to see how trends are changing,” social studies teacher Ms. Samantha  Guthiem said.

There have been over 720 million pairs of Crocs sold worldwide. To date, Crocs are available in over 90 countries globally.  Health professionals can often be seen wearing them for comfort on the job. 

“I love Crocs, I think they’re comfy,” said social science teacher Ms. Alexis Couch.

However, not everyone follows the trends; Math teacher Mr. Moore probably won’t.  

“I never wore crocs before, but personally, I think they are tacky,” math teacher Mr. Nathaniel Moore said.

There are teachers who believe Crocs are not meant for the job. “Teachers should dress more professionally than students. Maybe (we could wear Crocs) on Fridays when teachers wear spirit wear.” Morton teacher Mr. White said.

We believe teachers can wear their dress shoes but after class they can wear their Crocs if they desire.