Weightlifting club quickly becomes biggest and fastest growing club


Weightlifting club leaders are always available to help club members!

Ivan Morales and Willie Simmons

Morton East’s weightlifting club has experienced exponential growth with it becoming the biggest club in both Morton East and Morton West.

This raises the question of how and why the club has experienced such growth.

The weightlifting club was formed during the 2021-2022 school year after social science teacher Samantha Gutheim shared her interest in weightlifting and CrossFit with her students. A few students then came forward and talked about how they also enjoyed weightlifting and wished there was a club for it. As the weeks went on, they decided to put together the club, and it just grew from there. And, since then, the club has faced a surge in popularity, even becoming the most popular club between Morton East and Morton West with a total of 120 members and 2 sponsors.

Club Advisor Samantha Gutheim says the club is more than just lifting weights and bulking up.

Club leader Nataly Jimenez deadlifting 205 (Jorge Lopez Aviles)

“I think Weightlifting Club has the perfect balance of club collectivity, and individuality. Students learn and support each other as a team/collective whole, but then there is still time to set personal goals and workout individually. Students really enjoy being a part of the environment that is built around fitness and a healthy lifestyle. There is a lot of learning and support around for individual growth. Students have a great time building themselves up together,” social science teacher Samantha Gutheim said.

Weightlifting club’s second sponsor Edwin Bagley also had positive things to say about the club’s surge in popularity.

“I think young people know how important their health and fitness are. Also, everyone is welcome and those that are active in the club are friendly and helpful. That is why weightlifting is the biggest and fastest growing club,” special education teacher Edwin Bagley said.

Club member and senior Diego Barocio offers advice for those that are thinking about joining but are intimidated or hesitant.

“Everyone is gonna be super nice if you’re doing something wrong of course people are gonna run to help you. The worst thing you can do is just not go to weightlifting club,” senior Diego Barocio said.