Culinary Students Have a Grab&Go Event for Teachers and Staff


Desteny Alvarado

Chef Karl Bendord (Middle) and his helpers, Emily Trujillo (next to chef on the left), Samantha Lopez (next to chef on the right), Ingrid Limon (far left), Janet Ortiz (far right).

Almost 100 lunches were sold and around $850 was made for Culinary’s grab-n-go lunches for teachers and staff.

On Thursday, October 13th, culinary students hosted a grab-and-go lunch event that all teachers and staff could purchase for $10 a meal. These meals, which could be picked up in room 157 during lunch periods, were completely made by the students with assistance from their chef. The meal consisted of a BBQ pulled pork sliders, coleslaw, mac & cheese, a cornbread muffin, and banana pudding for dessert. Meals were able to be purchased with cash or card and the school’s student funds received all the money raised.

“They pretty much did everything with our guidance, they did most of the cooking, they did most of the assembling of the dish, they did most of the packaging of it and we probably in my class alone, had like 14 kids and I would say in the other classes they had another 10 to 20 kids so it was around 25-35 kids total,” Chef Karl Benford said.

One of Chef Karl Benford’s helpers, Ingrid Limon, described her feelings throughout her experience.

“I felt rushed. I would also say nervous, but it was fun overall,” senior Ingrid Limon said.

Some teachers had opinions on the dish.

“The BBQ pork sliders were definitely my favorite, especially the BBQ sauce which was just the right amount of tangy. I’d rate the meal a 10 out of 10, I believe the price was totally reasonable and worth it because I got 3 sliders, a dessert, and even a beverage which could be like a $20 meal at a restaurant that I got just for $10! I ended up buying two meals just so I could have one for dinner that day,” English teacher Kent Frankfother said.

Stay tuned for more culinary events. (Next event will be Thursday