Pizza is favorite lunch item at East this year

Two hands may be required when eating Mortons pizza.

Two hands may be required when eating Morton’s pizza.

In a random survey of 62 Morton East students, the most popular lunch item at school was pizza.  

There was a three-way tie for 2nd place and that was between chicken sandwich, nachos and a regular sandwich.  Pizza was the most chosen food item by 16 votes, chicken sandwich, nachos, and regular sandwich by 13 votes, and lastly the salad got 7 votes making the pizza the most chosen lunch item by the students. 

“Ithink the pizza is actually reall y good — moreso since I have lunch first period.  Then, I get the best pizzas because it’s always fresh and always very like warm and the cheese is very good since its all melted,” senior AJ said.  

Some students love the food while some others may have very different opinions.  

“i think we should just get more options than what we already have since I feel like there’s barely any variety and so we are always forced to pick some things that we may not want just because we are hungry and need to eat something,” said senior Analia Rangel.  

While some students feel powerless in their lunch choices, others think that the school should consider what students like.  

“I think the school lunch could be way better considering the fact that they have more than enough money to give us better food and so I feel that they might just be messing with us and not even trying to give us good food,” said Itzel Mena.  

Still other students, like senior Kevin Aggi, decide not to eat all.  

“i think the lunch here is just not a good thing and I feel there’s always something wrong with the food and so I sometimes don’t even get the food unless I’m very hungry,” senior Kevin Aggi said.