Students split between Zacatacos and El Meson


Jennifer Corral

You know those times the pizza at Paisan’s looks good enough to photograph?

Most students’ favorite restaurants are local restaurants, majority of them are Mexican restaurants.
Also according to TripAdvisor’s top restaurants in Cicero, the top three are; Freddy’s Pizzeria, Paisans Pizzeria & Bar, and Aracely’s Bakery
• Firstly, Freddy’s Pizzeria is located at 1600 S 61st Ave, Cicero. The restaurant serves Italian cuisine, including pizza and deli items, but is also a food market of a sort. The price range for the food could go from $1.10 to $59, depending on what you are looking for and the restaurant does not seem to offer student discounts or specials.
• Then, Paisans Pizzeria & Bar is located at 5840 16th St, Cicero and this restaurant serve mainly pizza among other items. The price ranges from the menu go from $5 to $26, they do offer specials that are for every day of the week for different items on their menu but the restaurant does not offer student discounts.
• Lastly, Aracely’s Bakery is located at 5920 Cermak Rd, Cicero; this restaurant serves bakery goods, drinks, and other food items that are Mexican and American. The price ranges go from $2 to $8, the restaurant does have specialty items but no student discount
However, in a random survey of 60 Morton East students, 8% of the students said that El Meson was their favorite but another 8% said that Zacatacos was also their favorite. Along with those two at a tied, there is Las Gorditas De Don Angel for about 5% and El Indio for 4%, these all being the top three for the survey.
Some students enjoy a restaurant mostly like it for its service, food, or whatever they have to offer.
“Yes, I think they are because there is one called El Quebrada. They have good service and food; they also have special deals for Fridays,” Said Senior Luis Escamilla.
However, the same can go for teachers as well, ever since when they were young.
“My favorite restaurant is Freddy’s pizza, I’ve been going there since I was 7 years old and my favorite food is their sausage pizza and Italian chocolate ice. In my opinion, Freddy’s makes the best Italian ice in America,” said English teacher Mr. Tony Asay.
Although, some students or teachers do not go to restaurants much because there might not be any near them or even go out to eat.
“I’m going to be real with you; I don’t go to any restaurants,” Said Senior Fernando Mendoza.
Some either enjoy eating at the restaurant or in the comfort of their own home or even being in-between for both.
“I go to a restaurant because I want to be pampered; that’s why I’m willing to spend the extra money. It’s great to let everyone else do the work. At home may be more relaxing, but there’s always a lot of cleanup and mess afterward to deal with, “Said English teacher Kent Frankfother.
Overall, students might look into what food and drinks the restaurant will serve to determine the restaurant that could be their go-to at times.
“One of my favorite local restaurants would have to be Sinfonia Del Mar. I enjoy the food and beverages they have to offer because they are full of flavor.” Said Senior Areidy Santos