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Abigail Davila

Abigail Davila

Abigail Davila works in a clothing store at a mall after school.

According to Buzzfeed’s “33 Experiences, Anyone Who’s Worked In A Mall Has Had”, you’ll eventually have to deal with coworkers or customers that are difficult during your shift.  Black Friday could be a heck of a nightmare for a person that has a shift then. On the other hand, over time, you  get to learn the value of the employee discount and which stores honor it.  However, in a random survey of ten Morton Students, only five of the students said that they have worked in a mall.  Retail work requires responsibility.

“There was always a girl that liked to call off or she wouldn’t show up to work and just left without leaving any help, said senior Abigail .

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Abigail Davila