Prom Trends and Styles

Girls are planning for prom and it doesn’t come easy. Many girls haven’t even started looking while other girls got there prom dresses secured.

Prom is a formal dance event for high school students typically held towards the end of the school year. Proms have been a part of American high school culture since the early 20th century and have since become a significant social event for students. Proms often have a theme, such as “Hollywood glam” or “Enchanted forest” and proms include a formal dinner, music, and dancing. Morton East High School is having the prom theme this year as “A Night at the Disco”. In a survey of 30 Morton East girls, 19 said they have purchased their prom dress while 11 said they haven’t.

“Some places I recommend looking for prom dresses are Windsor, Peaches, or Mom, Dad and me. Also online stores have nice dresses for prom like Fashion Nova and Amazon” former Morton East student Amiya Manrriques said.

“When I went looking for my prom dress I started looking more than a month prior to prom, so like early April,” former Morton East student Amiya Manrriques said.

Prom dresses are a crucial aspect of the prom experience for many high school students, and finding the perfect dress is often a significant part of the lead-up to the event. Prom dresses come in a wide range of styles, colors, and materials, and often follow the latest fashion trends.

” I feel like a lot of trends I’ve seen this year are sparkly or glittery dresses, very long and most of the prom dresses I’ve seen girls choose are a dark green color,” Morton East teacher Ms.Samata said.

Prom dress shopping can take place in-store or online, and there are many options available at a range of price points.

In a survey of 30 Morton East girls, 13 said they were willing to spend $300 or less while 17 said they will pay $400 or more to find the perfect dress.

“Prom dresses are important based on your goal for prom, if you want to have the prettiest dress go ahead and go all out but personally I would be mindful of the price because it is a one-time dress,” Morton East teacher Ms.Anthonson said.

While many seniors may want to end their last year of high school with Prom before entering their collegiate careers, other students would rather spend their time doing something else.

“Personally I did not want to go to prom because I had gone to homecoming and other school dances. I ended up losing my urge to go to Prom. School dances weren’t my thing,” Morton East teacher Ms. Blanco said.

Prom culture has evolved over the years, with trends and customs changing from generation to generation. However, the significance of the prom and the importance of the perfect prom dress continue to be an essential part of the high school experience for many students.