Apple Music vs. Spotify at Morton East

Students at Morton East High School prefer to listen to their music on Spotify rather than Apple Music.  

According to Google, Spotify was first created on April 23rd, 2006, by Daniel EK and Martin Lorentzon two Swedish entrepreneurs. Spotify has over 456 million monthly active users. On another hand, Apple Music was created June 30th, 2015, by Apple Inc. It’s available to over 165 different countries all over the Middle East, The Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and parts of Africa. Apple Music allows users to choose a family plan for 16.99 a month and, allows up to 6 users or you can choose a singular plan for 10.99 a month. Also, give college students a plan for 5.99 a month including apple tv. In a survey of 100 people 45, Morton east students use Apple Music while 55 students use Spotify. 

“I use Spotify to listen to my music and I like it better because has better user preferences, and it works better to my accommodations.” Morton East Junior Carlos Tafoya said.  

Whether people used Apple Music or Spotify, in a survey the top three artists were Bad Bunny at number 1 Grupo Arriesgado at number 2, and Drake at number 3 

“My top album was ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ by Bad Bunny, I listened to this album a lot because I like the melodies of it and Bad Bunny is a dog,” Morton East Senior Brandon Flores said.  

According to the 45, apple music users from Morton east 9 of them listened to more than 20,000 minutes (about 2 weeks) of music for the whole year of 2022.   

“I know most people listen to music for the majority of their day which makes their total minutes a high number but this year I only listened to about 25,000 minutes of music,” Morton East Junior Elias Salto said.