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Are we whitewashing Mexican culture?

Alexia Hernandez and Jasmine Bonilla

December 12, 2018

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Fashion, Opinion

Over the past few years, “whitewashing” has become a more prominent issue in media throughout the world.   “Whitewashing” is seen predominantly in magazine publications as well as a lot in the movie and TV industry. The concept o...

Riverside Mall’s Justice sells its styles at monthly fashion show

Kimberly Sosa

November 28, 2018

Filed under Community, Fashion

Fashion show inside a retail store? Have you ever witnessed a Justice Fashion Show? The chaotic mess that goes on clothes everywhere around 40 people plus 8-12 employees working gathering the girls getting them into line. Every...

Jostens presents senior class rings

Crystal Ramirez, Journalim

November 28, 2018

Filed under Fashion

On Wednesday, November 14th Mr. Duke Conley, a representative from Jostens was in the auditorium to present information on all the things a senior can purchase their senior year. Mr. Duke hosted a meeting at Morton East h...

At East, majority purchase costumes — over buying

Jesus Carrillo and Kevin Dominguez

October 29, 2018

Filed under Fashion, Halloween Special, Student Life

Out of a random survey that was conducted at Morton East High School, 83 of the 120 students said that they buy their Halloween costume instead of making it. This shows that more people tend to buy their costumes. Hallowe...

MEHS student majority chooses scary costume, over sexy

Giselle Camacho, Jacquelin Leon, Osiris Aldana, and Jennifer Soto

October 28, 2018

Filed under Audio, Fashion, Halloween Special, Student Life

Do Morton east prefer to dress up in a sexy costume or scary costumes?    In a random survey of 114 Morton East students, 72 students reported that they prefer a scary costume and 42 reported that they prefer a s...

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