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Ashley Ceballos

Ashley Ceballos

Ashley Ceballos is interested in murder documentaries and the mental health assoicated with serial killing.  Ashley Ceballos really enjoys just watching murder shows and seeing what made them do it.

According to legal services in India, many serial killers want many things out of murder like acceptance money, or nothing at all, and just suffer from trauma like physical and mental abuse at home. According to Chris Zappa the website there are about 4,000 current serial killers around the world at this moment. Also according to the world atlas, the United States has the most arrests of serial killers with 227; second place goes to England with just 47.

In a random survey of 10 Morton students, 8 or 80 percent said they too are interested in murder documentaries.

“Giving therapeutic practices and spreading awareness can prevent these actions from happening so frequently,” Ashley Ceballos said about serial killers and their causes.

Ashley plans to work with her mom after high school.  Ashley has also joined theater in Morton East.

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Ashley Ceballos