Hot chocolate wins the warm drink war at East

Morton East decides that hot chocolate is their go-to warm winter drink

During the cold, everyone loves to lay back and snuggle inside a warm blanket as they watch their favorite TV shows or movies. However, what beverage would satisfy during the cold weather?

According to the article, National Hot Chocolate Day -January 31- Fun Facts and Recipes, it states that “Many believe that the first hot chocolate drink was made by the Mayans about 2,000 years ago.” It also mentions that, “Hot chocolate was used as a medicine until the late 1800s,” But hot chocolate isn’t the only warm winter drink, coffee is a warm drink that’s very popular worldwide.

As shown in the article, 9 Interesting Facts About Coffee You Didn’t Know, “Brazil now produces about a third of the world’s coffee supply, roughly twice as much as the runner-up, Vietnam.” Coffee is a drink that’s enjoyed worldwide and year-round, but those coffee sales only increase during the cold.

In the article, Brewing up Business: How Coffee Sales Stay Hot Year-Round, it states that “Hot coffee sales spike in the winter – especially around the holidays – but consumers still find themselves at coffee shops regardless of the season or temperature.” This fact is very interesting considering that most of the interviews performed showed that peopl prefer to drink hot chocolate during winter months and stay away from coffee all together.

In a random survey of 108 Morton students, 62 said hot chocolate was their favorite winter drink, 18 said coffee was their favorite drink, 16 said champurrado, 8 said tea was their favorite, and 4 answered “other”.
When we asked students about their favorite drink, senior America Zarate said, “Hot coca cola, but also a milkshake at times, despite the cold.” It looks like hot drinks also ease that winter spirit.

“During winter I usually go for something warm. Like hot cocoa or tea,” Senior Stephanie Cureno said when asked what her favorite winter drink is. This matched up with other interviews conducted, unlike the popular belief that not a lot of people, especially students, drink coffee during winter.

“Never, I don’t drink coffee,” Senior Cesar Sotelo said when asked about how often he drank coffee overall, not only during winter.

“I love hot chocolate in the winter. I don’t think I drink it any time of year.” Civics teacher Ms. Lopez says. It seems like students aren’t the only ones who enjoy hot chocolate in the cold months.

“Milk is evil, it’s a sickness drink, not a winter drink,” said George Washington middle school secretary, Maria Lopez, when asked if she considered milk a winter drink. She may be lactose intolerant, but we believe it’s important to get opposing views on topics.

In the end, everyone loves to have something warm to drink when the days get shorter and the snow starts piling up.