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Students decide on perfect fall outfits

Falling for Fall Fashion

At Morton East, sweats are still the favorite fall style.

Some Fall Fashion trends in 2023 going on right now are the colors. Some teenagers’ fall colors that are trending are chocolate brown, clay, ice blue, pepper red, digital lavender, apricot crush. A casual outfit for fall is simple: black leggings, a white T-shirt, fall coats, and cozy sweaters. According to fall trends have historical roots dating back to the 16th century when fall was referred to as “harvest.” Fall clothing fashion features deeper colors, while summer usually sees people favoring brighter colors. Fall fashion is more popular because it can be dressed down or made more fashionable, given the pleasant weather. In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 49 students prefer hoodies over jackets. Meanwhile, regarding girls’ opinions on what bottoms to wear during fall, 44 girls prefer sweatpants over jeans or leggings.

As the autumn breeze ushers in a new season, students envision their dream fall outfits.

“My dream outfit for fall would be a simple long sleeve, either black or white, with a brown skirt adorned with a cute bow and some black flats,” said sophomore Isabella Vazquez.

Another student with a different perspective shared,

“I would like to wear something like a brown flannel with some nice jeans and my Jordans,” said senior Brandon Lucido.

Meanwhile, Diana is eagerly anticipating fall fashion trends.

“I am most excited for fall fashion, especially sweaters in different colors because people know how to style them and look nice in them. Also, flannels because they look nice combined with the season,” said senior Diana Rodriguez.

Shifting to a cozy ensemble, Yamizel shares her vision for fall attire.

“A cute fluffy Aztec jacket and some cute Ugg’s with flares,” said senior Yamizel Llamas.

Yaritza describes her choice of colors for the season.

“I like to wear blue and black, basically dark colors because it gives me cold vibes and makes me feel more connected to fall weather,” said senior Yaritza Coyotl-Flores.

But Jackelyn Galindo has a different color preference when it comes to her fall outfits. Taking a girly approach, she shares her aesthetic preference.

“I like a girly-girl type of aesthetic mostly because it involves the color pink, and I would wear it for every season,” said senior Jackelyn Galindo.

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