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Country Western Homecoming a hit

Morty takes a break from bachata at this year’s homecoming!!

Country Western Homecoming was deemed a success by Morton East students this year.

The homecoming dance has concluded, and we’re eager to know what Morton East students thought of it and how they prepared for it. Homecoming dance is a traditional high school event in the United States, typically accompanied by a week of festivities. The tradition of homecoming dances gained popularity in the early 1900s and has since evolved to include football games, parades, and formal dances. Homecoming dances often feature themes that students can choose to follow, and these themes can vary from year to year.

According to, some common themes for high school homecomings include Ski Chalet, Candyland, and Winter Solstice. In most high schools, themes are selected based on factors such as student preferences. At Morton East High School, the theme for this year’s homecoming was chosen by deans and staff members, and it was a western theme. In a random survey of 108 Morton East students, 61 students expressed a favorable opinion of the western theme, while 47 disliked it. Other students suggested alternative themes, such as masquerade or an 80s theme.

Now that the homecoming dance has concluded, we are curious about how students decided on their homecoming outfits.

When it comes to preparing for Homecoming, students take various approaches. Some seniors, like Alan Olmos Diaz, embrace the western theme.

“Since the theme is western, I’ll choose some vaquero-type clothing,” senior Alan Olmos Diaz said.

Senior Daniela Garcia expressed her desire to stay true to the theme while prioritizing comfort.

“I aimed to align with the theme while ensuring my outfit was comfortable and allowed me to move and dance. I chose a dress that allowed for ease of movement and selected comfortable shoes to ensure I could dance without fatigue while staying within the theme,” senior Daniela Garcia said.

Others, like Emmanuel Zuniga, adopt a more strategic approach.

“I consider the main theme of the homecoming and build my outfit around that theme. For instance, with the western theme this year, I’ll search online for western outfits that inspire or guide my outfit,” senior Emmanuel Zuniga said.

On the other hand, senior Marisol Montoya aims to blend the theme with her personal style.

“I want to adhere to the theme while also incorporating my own style,” senior Marisol Montoya said.

Senior Sophia Guerrero takes a more detailed and creative approach.

“I typically start by browsing online for outfit options on various websites or visit a nearby formal dress store. I purchase a dress that I love and then consider a makeup look to complement my final appearance,” senior Sophia Guerrero said.

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  • C

    Citlaly OrtegaOct 25, 2023 at 2:03 pm

    FRANKFOTHER. I agree that doing the Country Western Homecoming was a cool theme. Everyone got to show off their Western style and had fun. I really liked how others dressed and there hats.

  • A

    Allison GomezOct 25, 2023 at 12:57 pm

    FRANKFOTHER. I agree that Country Western Homecoming was a grate theme and a fun one. As far as people always have fun and can stay to some part of the theme it always so interesting to see what people have. I have seeing a movie with homecoming cool theme but never western.

  • A

    AlexandrinaOct 25, 2023 at 11:23 am

    O’Malley- I agree with everyone’s opinion because homecoming outfit can be hard especially when is comes to the theme of the dance. Students will also choose to dress out of the theme and dress comfortable with their own style. Marisol Montoya said “I want to adhere to the theme while also incorporation my own style”