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Do Independent film companies put more effort than Hollywood blockbusters?

Alan Sanchez, Ramon Aragon, and Monse Sanchez

December 8, 2015

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Showcase

There have been battles between Indie movies and Hollywood blockbusters. Many claim that while Hollywood relies on CGI and too many special effects to tell its story, Indie movies convey the message and actions through well developed scenes that are equal or surpass the quali...

Toy Story 4: soon, but not soon enough

Teresa Martinez, Brenda Perez, and Ruby Castellanos

December 8, 2015

Filed under Arts and Entertainment

On November 6, 2014  Disney announced the making of the new Toy Story 4 movie. The movie Toy story 4 that is going to be released on June 16, 2017. (It was officially announced by Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger). All toy story movies...

Kanye for President

Kanye for President

October 30, 2015

Bible club stages ever-faithful foosball tournament

Mario Arias and Rene Balbuena

April 27, 2015

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Community, Student Life

On Friday the 13th (March 13), Bible Club's annual Foosball tournament took place. Bible club hosts the competition in order to “bring the students together, and show that bible club kids are fun to be around,” said teacher...

Lolla sells out fast, again

Eduardo Gomez and Antonio Richardson

April 27, 2015

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Community, News

Lollapalooza 2015 took center stage on March 24 and March 25 when 3 day passes (and then 1 day passes) sold out quickly. It took about 10 minutes to sell Saturday tickets, about 20 minutes for Friday tickets and 30-35 minutes...

The Effects of Music

Katia Hernandez, Reporter

March 23, 2015

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Student Life

At Morton East there are many students with different music tastes and different opinions on certain artists. According to psychologist scientist Daniel Levitin (psychological science.org) ”.. quoted, music is more than entertainment:...

Students say gaming not violent

Jonathan Rocha, Reporter

March 17, 2015

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Community, Opinion

Most students at Morton East don't think that video games make violence. In a random survey of students, 11 students said no, and 7 students said yes. In some researches most news reporters state that most kids that play violent...

Pick up those pants, stiffen that booty!

Janet Quezada Cristian Hernandez Ricardo Carrillo, reporter

March 17, 2015

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Opinion

From booty shaking to setting yourself on fire, twerking has become an epidemic, yet no one knows where twerking originated from. Twerking is a type of dance which an individual, (usually a female) dances to music in a sexually...

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