First annual Festival of the Arts premiers at Morton East


Senior Manuel Leanos promoting the art festival

Monzerrath Garay, Reporter

On April 28,  Morton East hosted its very first art exhibit, filled with creative and unique art pieces made by Morton East art students for free! The event took place in the lobby of the Chodl auditorium from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and featured a variety of art forms, including paintings, sculptures, sketches, etc.  Many students, parents, and community members came to  support our talented students and enjoy an evening of artistic expression!

Throughout the semester students in Morton East art classes have been working hard at brainstorming new ideas and creating new unique pieces. Their creativity and dedication have resulted in a diverse range of artworks that showcase their individual styles and techniques and demonstrate the power of art to inspire and connect people.

Art teachers are excited for students to get recognized for all their hard work.

“I’m super excited that it’s back the last time we had one was before the pandemic in 2020 so I’m really excited that the kids to show their work to the community and for the community to see how talented and creative these kids are,” Said current Morton East  Design teacher Ms. Kennedy.

Students in art classes are happy to have the opportunity to show off their ideas.

“As a current art student I have seen firsthand how hard my classmates and I work on our pieces and I’m to know that we will get a chance to show off our pieces for the public to see and enjoy,” Said Senior Jada Smith-Vaca.

Student talks about coming to support their friend’s art pieces.

“I’m super excited to go see my friends work I know they’ve been working really hard at perfecting their designs and I’m just super excited to see how everything turned out at the end,” said Senior Cristina Gonzalez.

A student gives their opinion about the art festival.

“I think this is a great thing for Morton supporting their students and it’s a great way for students to express themselves over all the art festival is a great way for the community to come and destress for a bit,” said senior Jesus Montoya,

“I’m impressed these students really ate I’ve seen their artwork around the school and it’s great I could never,” said Kevin Valencia.

If you are free on April 28 you should really come and take a look at all the fantastic eye-catching art pieces Morton East students have worked really hard on.