Betty Tinkin is retiring! “We don’t want to see her go!”


Athena Flores

Elizabeth “Betty” Tinkin has been working for the Morton 201 district for the past 11 years — overseeing the food we eat and how its prepared as the Morton East food service manager. This will be her final year at Morton; we wanted to look back at her experiences within the district and appreciate her dedication to district 201 over the last decade.

Question:  Is there anything specific you’re going to miss about working at Morton East?

Answer:  I’m going to miss the employees.  I’m not going to miss the days where nothing works out in my favor, like broken equipment or sickness.


Q:  What is your favorite thing you’ve experienced at Morton?

A:  All my experiences have been good.  The staff and teachers have been very welcoming throughout the years.


Q:  Have you considered what retirement will look like for you? (traveling, hobbies, etc.)

A:  My Husband and I are planning to move to Florida, I’m excited for the warm weather!


Q:  Is there any advice you’d want to share to the Morton East community?

A:  Keep eating good food, support the lunch ladies!


Q:  What accomplishments are you most proud of throughout your career?

A:  I’m proud of building a good cohesive staff, and a successful food service program.


Q:  What motivated you to retire? How did you know this was the right time?

A:  I’m old, my husband retired last year and we’re just excited to do retired things together now.


Q:  How do you think Morton has grown since the start of your career here?

A:  Yes, since the shutdown of 2020 our participation has grown. We’ve added variety to the menu.


Q:  What do you think will be the biggest challenge in your retirement?

A:  Not being around people everyday


Q: What was your favorite part about your job?

A:  I loved working with people, the business of the food service and the variety of things I can get done.


Q: What are 5 words you would like to leave for Morton East?

A: Love people, cook tasty food!

Many students and staff are sadden to see Mrs.Tinkin go but we’re happy to see her go on new adventures in her retirement and we’re excited to see new joy in the food service department these coming years. Thank you for everything you’ve contributed to Morton East Betty Tinkin!