Morton Students Starting Their Own Clubs

Dilalie Arzate, Reporter

A third of Morton East students are in an extracurricular activity.

Many schools choose to offer them as a way to enrich the educational experience of their students, but some states or school districts may have laws or policies in place that require schools to offer a minimum number of extracurricular activities. The decision to offer extracurricular activities is often made at the school or district level and can depend on a variety of factors, such as funding, student interest, and available resources. Being in extracurricular activities can help you in a bunch of different ways. For one, extracurricular activities can help you make new friends and meet people who share your interests and can also help you develop skills like leadership, teamwork, and communication, which will be super helpful later in life. Being involved in extracurricular activities can make you stand out from colleges and universities when you’re applying. Colleges and universities want to see that you’re well-rounded and have interests beyond just academics.

In a random survey of 85 Morton East students, 30 said they are in some kind of extracurricular activity.

The process of starting a club may be long but it is for a good reason.

 “There is a new club constitution that must be completed. The first step would be meeting with me. The constitution is created by the students who are interested in creating the club, and many items are needed. A couple of key points are at least 30 students who express interest and having a staff member willing to be the sponsor. in order to start a club, there needs to be committed students who are willing to attend the club and increase engagement and increasing members.” Said dean Mr. Depa.

I started my club this year and it’s not easy, but it is worth the outcome.

“Starting a club in my opinion is very fun. Especially if it’s something you are passionate about. At times it does get a bit overwhelming because you have to plan ahead and just be very involved since you are the head of the club. However, even with the downs it has, it still has more ups, and I would 100% recommend for students to try to create their club if there isn’t one already,” said junior Dilalie Arzate.

I asked a few students if they would be willing to start their club if there isn’t one already for something they are interested in and they had mixed answers.

“I wouldn’t start a club because it just seems like a lot of work to deal with and I kind of don’t think it’s worth all that time and work. I would rather spend my time doing whatever it is by myself than with others,” said junior Felix Rodriguez.

“Yes, because it would be a space where people can come after school and do the things, they like to do but with a group of others who also like to do that certain thing,” said freshman Rhianna Torres.

A staff member gave us their opinion on how being a sponsor really is.

”I have enjoyed sponsoring/helping out crochet club, but that is mostly due to the effort that You put in (advertising, organizing supplies, communicating needs, etc.) making my role require minimal exertion. I think all teachers should (at some point in their career) contribute to some extracurricular activity. It helps remind them that students have interests and skills that extend beyond the standard disciplines taught in the classroom. It also can provide opportunities for linking course content to “real-world” applications,” said librarian Mr. Paycheck who is helping out with crochet club.

Extracurricular activities can be a fun and rewarding part of your school experience. They can help you make new friends, develop skills, and explore your interests outside the classroom. Joining an extracurricular activity might help you find a new passion or create some memories. Morton East has over 40 active clubs at this moment.