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Career profile: I want to be a Computer Animator

Alan Sanchez, Reporter

April 7, 2016

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Career Profile

Computer animators use computer technology to create moving graphics for movies, TV shows, video games, and other projects. People with this profession usually work for film production companies, independent filmmakers, TV stations, video game developers and advertising companies. ...

Poms Cruisin’ For A Win

Anayeli Flores and Liliana Gamboa

February 3, 2016

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Sports

Morton Poms had Sectionals on Saturday, January 23 at Rolling Meadows High School. Sectionals are divided into different categories and Morton Poms is placed in 3A due to the large population. Going against 14 other schools,...

Morton East Folkloric Dances at East

Karla Gonzalez and Maribella

February 3, 2016

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Student Life

They are known as M.E.F (the Morton East Folkloric). Folkloric dancing is a collective term for traditional Latin American dances that emphasize local folk culture with ballet characteristics - pointed toes, jumping, turning,  exaggerated...

Video goes for the win

Video goes for the win

February 3, 2016

Clash of the phone titans: iPhone 6s vs. Galaxy 6 edge

Jose Reyes, Xavier Romero, and Lisbeth Pelayo

January 14, 2016

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Opinion, Student Life

Most teens at Morton East prefer the iPhone 6s over the Galaxy 6 edge -- but they seem to make their choice out of fashion rather than function. In a survey directed at Morton east 78 percent of the students prefer an iPhone...

Editorial: Music impacts emotions

Christopher Martinez and Gustavo Garcia

January 13, 2016

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Opinion

23 year old, Kari Hyde, from Iowa, claims music saved her life while being diagnosed with cancer. It "kept my mind calm" and "kept my head above the clouds," she said. Music can actually have an impact on peoples emotions. Sure...

Fight Of The Year : Alvarez vs Cotto

Bryan Ramirez, Reporter

December 10, 2015

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Sports, Sports Showcase

True boxing fans were waiting for this ''Fight of the Year'' between two of the biggest stars in the sport today : Canelo Alvarez versus Miguel Cotto. WBC Middleweight World Champion Miguel Cotto and Former Two-Time World...

Do Independent film companies put more effort than Hollywood blockbusters?

Alan Sanchez, Ramon Aragon, and Monse Sanchez

December 8, 2015

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Showcase

There have been battles between Indie movies and Hollywood blockbusters. Many claim that while Hollywood relies on CGI and too many special effects to tell its story, Indie movies convey the message and actions through well developed scenes that are equal or surpass the quali...

Toy Story 4: soon, but not soon enough

Teresa Martinez, Brenda Perez, and Ruby Castellanos

December 8, 2015

Filed under Arts and Entertainment

On November 6, 2014  Disney announced the making of the new Toy Story 4 movie. The movie Toy story 4 that is going to be released on June 16, 2017. (It was officially announced by Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger). All toy story movies...

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