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Fabian Nieto

Fabian Nieto works out during the summer.

According to Athletics. Carleton.ca “fun facts about exercising,” Music improves workout performance by 15%. Exercising also improves brain performance, enhancing brain activity and brain power. Working out also helps to sharpens your memory. Exercising also helps gain more muscle mass which helps burn calories while resting. A simple exercise such as running helps burn a lot of calories, around 104.3 calories per mile. In a random survey of Morton East students, 4 out of ten said they workout.

“I work out twice as hard while listening to music,” senior Fabian Nieto said.

For Senior Fabian Nieto, music helped him exercise twice as hard, For Senior Andy Torres, he finds exercise a way to obtain more energy.

“I find it really helpful, making the body feel more energetic for the day,” senior Andy Torres said.



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Fabian Nieto