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Most students having Tamales and Pozole for Thanksgiving

As many of us prepare ourselves for this year’s Thanksgiving, many have a different image in their heads of what their Thanksgiving dinner will look like. It could be Turkey, Ham, Tamales, and Pozole. 

In a random survey of 100 Morton East students: 

  • 64 said they will be having tamales. 
  • 55 said they will be having Pozole. 
  • 28 will be having ham. 
  • 30 said they will be having turkey. 

According to Munchery , tamales have been a staple dish for centuries but were often used as portable food for men after battle. However, a gross fact about one of the most popular dishes in Mexican culture is that pozole was made of human meat from prisoners who were in a ritual sacrifice. 

Lastly, one of the most traditional dishes for Thanksgiving is turkey! This is because turkey was one of the most affordable wild animals to eat back in the 1800s. It fed lots of families because it was a bigger portion than chicken or ducks. 

“I will be having pozole for Thanksgiving because it’s a family tradition,” senior Victoria Chavez said. 

Another student and her family also feel the same about pozole being their main dish. 

“My family likes cooking pozole for Thanksgiving since it’s a tradition. When Thanksgiving comes up, the family we have over knows there will be pozole!” senior Karen Alvarez said. 

It is safe to say that many Hispanics seem to be having their own typical traditional dishes. For example, Puerto Ricans eat Arroz con Gandules, Tostones, Pastelón, etc. 

“I will be having turkey for Thanksgiving because it’s a tradition with my family,” senior Ximena Bautista said. 

Overall, we all have our own preferences for what our Thanksgiving Dinner will look like, whether it is Ham, Turkey, Tamales, or Pozole. 

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  • S

    sophieDec 15, 2023 at 9:45 am

    good article! very true having everything for thanksgiving. Can’t go wrong Pozole:)