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Rayne Hill

Rayne Hill

Rayne Hill likes hiking.

According to thriftynwfamily.com’s “15 Fun Facts About Hiking,” she enjoys hiking which is the third most popular recreational activity in the United States. She is also part of the quickly rising number of 40 million people that go hiking every year. Hiking is one of the best ways to meet new people that share the same interest in hiking. In 2021 an 83-year-old man completed the Appalachian trail and became the oldest man to ever complete it, and in 2010 a 13-year-old boy completed a climb to the top of mount Everest and was the youngest person to ever climb mount Everest. There are many hiking paths available including nature trails, boardwalks, and bike trails, to name a few.

“You can see people walk around and see fun things, and sometimes people trip which is funny to see,” Senior Rayne Hill said.

Going hiking you can expect to see many fun and unexpected things such as animals, sights, and people, and there are many things to enjoy. When going hiking, you have to be careful of your surroundings for obstacles and animals or even the path itself.

“Hiking can be dangerous in some places from the wildlife, I once encountered a few snakes going down a path,” Senior Diego Orozco said.

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Rayne Hill