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Paola in a restaurant in Mexico with the family.

Paola Mendez

Paola Mendez’s summer trip to Mexico with water parks and Colgate toothpaste is definitely a way to spend summer vacation before school.

According to Paola, a good way to spend a fun summer is a vacation in Mexico. One of her favorite things in Mexico was the water. She visited beaches, water parks, and rivers in the span of 3 weeks with her mother, Aunt, and 3 of her siblings. Out of 10 people that were asked if they’d visit Mexico every single person said yes.

“It was weird the water in Mexico was either really cold or it was salt water I always tried to guess before getting in,” Paola said.

When Paola would swim in salt water, she would accidentally get some in her mouth were she had serious hatred for it because the taste was just disgusting.

“When I had the saltwater taste in my mouth the first time, I remembered to always carry toothpaste and a toothbrush with me, I used Colgate toothpaste there wasn’t any other brands,” Paola said.





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Paola Mendez