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Marco sits in his car.

Marco Martinez

Marco's New Car Over the Summer

According to Marco, the work life during the summer is not as bad as you think.

Marco's summer was not very preferable. He lost his most recent car in an accident, leaving him without a car. However, it only made him hustle even more. Marco was working hard to get a new car before school started. He needed the car for both school and work, and using Ubers was not going to be cheap. Only 3 out of 10 students have cars at Morton East High School.

"I felt like I had everything I could've wanted, but nothing lasts forever," Marco said.

When Marco had his old car, he was driving everywhere and even used it for school last year. He did everything but forgot to step back and be appreciative.

"I didn't realize how good I had it; I was always focused on what was next rather than appreciating what I had," Marco said.

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Marco Martinez