Creative DIY decorations light up East library

Víctor Muñoz, reporter

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Morton East library has gotten into the Christmas spirit and created a snowman and multiple Christmas trees out of books.

The librarians Mrs. Cordero and Mrs. Elkintara had the bright idea of making Christmas trees and a snowman out of books this year. Throughout the year so many kids have been struggling with their classes and complaining about how hard they are, adding a little holiday spirit might be the thing kids need to help relieve some stress and enjoy the following holidays coming up and be in a brighter mood.

Ms. Juarez said “I think it’s cute it gives it a little festive feel to the library”

When holidays come around people get happier due to the family bonding and great memories being made and traditions many families have.

“A couple years ago I made a Christmas tree out of books and added lights to it,, and this year I saw a snowman, so we decided to make a book snowman,”  library assistant Mrs. Dawn Cordero said.

For the most part, we get inspirations for things in our everyday life for example when people get tattoos they can use a picture or something they saw in the street. Building a snowman does take some work but in the end result you are happy with your finished piece.

” I think it’s a very clever idea, and it gives the library a more holiday spirit,” sophomore Blanca Valdez said.

Many people go all out for decorations when it comes to the holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, New Years etc. but in reality, simple things can make the room or even the place look just as nice as all the excessive decorations.

This festive library decoration is very simple to do in anyone’s home it just needs charisma, books, and a few papers cut up. These simple decorations can go a long way in a household with other decorative things.

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