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What is Morton doing for valentine’s day

students in picture Uriel Bernabe Alondra Olvera

Valentine’s Day is being celebrated at school. according to The first Valentine’s Day celebration took place in France. according to About 25% of pet owners give Valentine’s Day gifts to their pets. according to 8 billion conversation hearts are manufactured each year. according to The chocolate box has been around for more than 150 years. according to the origins of sweetheart candy dates back to 1847 when pharmacist Oliver Chase invented a machine to make lozenges more easily. in a randome survey of 100 morton students 28 are going to watch a movie,7 are going to dinner,20 are going out on a date, and 45 are staying home alone.

from the origin came how we see valetines now some staff dicided to celebrate animals insted of people like the 25% or pet owners.

“SHARK Club made Valentines for each of the dogs available for adoption at Chicago Animal Care and Control with their picture on it! ADOPT don’t shop, SPAY and NEUTER!” said Ms. Berezniak

some clubs do try to do something to valentine’s day to celebrate and also have fundraisers for the clubs

“The club Megasa is passing out rice crispy treats out to students.” Said Ms. Gonzalez

both quotes do try to pass out candy and some teacher could support some clubs and could still pass out to to older kids aswell.

“I Like to get my students candy for valentine’s day a small gesture of love I have for them. My personal plans are to show myself love and/or have out w/my loved ones.” said Ms. Ritz

some teachers do try to plan something to make the kids feel special and included.

“The little kids from child development will be exchanging little goodie bags to each other.” said Ms. Mitrouvich

the child development classes do try to include and teach kids about holidays but other students plans on going out with the one they love.

“Honestly I was planning on going on a date with my boyfriend then go back home to order fast food and watch a movie” said senior Elena Jacobo Rodriguez

while people are going out and having some time with their boyfriend/girlfriend others dont celebrate valetines.

“I don’t have plans for Valentine’s day because it’s a not holiday due to you can show love and affection any other day” said junior Iram gomez

AS some people dont celebrate others may have plans for valentines and the weekend with friends instead.

“I’m going out to the mall for the movies with my friends then on Saturday I’m going out with my best friend” said senior Wendy cabrales.


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