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Tamale sales came alive on Day of the Dead

Jonathan Frutos, Reporter

December 24, 2018

750 tamales were sold by Morton East's work program the last week of October to celebrate Day of the Dead.   Morton East prefers the green chicken tamales -- they were the most popular. The Día de los tamales, the tamales...

Students are ditching classes

Bryan Garcia, Reporter

December 24, 2018

More than half the students at Morton East High are ditching classes.   Morton East has acted to prevent this, during the 2017-2018 break, installing new doors and adding more cameras, and improvements to security making rounds in the building and out to prevent thin...

Nike fights for rights, students fight for fashion

Angie Figuereo, Quinton Dixtion, and Lucia Gonzalez

December 24, 2018

Students at Morton East High School prefer fashion over politics.   For example, Nike has become political because they made Colins Kaepernick the new face of Nike; you may had seen the ad. In the ad, Kaepernick is being h...

Clarification on the California wildfires

Sebastian Guzman and Adrian Nava

December 24, 2018

What is happening right now in the California Wildfires? The California Wildfires have been going for about a week and have destroyed 9,000 homes and miles of miles of acres. The current death toll is up to about 59 people...

Josten presents class of 2019 rings

Alejandra Prieto, Diana Roman, Janeika Ramos, and Bryan De Leon Ramirez

December 24, 2018

One of Mr. Frankfother’s regrets about high school is that he lost his class ring, right after graduation. In fact, he has thought about buying a replacement. A representative from Josten company, Mr. Duke Cranley, recently...

East increases AC, more to come

Alexis Arellano, reporter

December 21, 2018

Last summer Morton East high school initiated its long-awaited renovations to the building after years of anticipation; students are probably most pleased about the increase in the number of air conditioned rooms.    Back in the day – over one hundred years ago – when Morton was built, no schools had air conditioning.  (AC didn’t really become common in schools until ...

Morton offers a lot of credit recovery

Erick Cardenas and Jonathan Frutos

December 21, 2018

Short on credits?  No need to be:  Morton East High School provides a lot of options to recover failed credits: Tapestry, night school, summer school, senior plus, incomplete lab, supervision classes, and even independent study.    ...

Could you give up your cellphone? Doubt it

Kimberly Dominguez and Maria Sanchez

December 19, 2018

At Morton East, most students can’t live without their cell phones for a day, it seems.    In a random survey of 140 Morton East students, 79 students reported that they would never “give up their cell phone for the...

Transitioning from Morton East to Morton College

Pedro Zuniga and Aaron Fajardo

December 18, 2018

Transitioning from Morton east to Morton college  The average price of going to Morton College would be $5000. Morton College was founded in 1924. At Morton College, you would be able to set up a schedule in either ...

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