East increases AC, more to come

Alexis Arellano, reporter

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Last summer Morton East high school initiated its long-awaited renovations to the building after years of anticipation; students are probably most pleased about the increase in the number of air conditioned rooms.   

Back in the day – over one hundred years ago – when Morton was built, no schools had air conditioning.  (AC didn’t really become common in schools until the 90s.)  However, these past couple years – from May to September — students, staff and some parents have complained about “extreme heat temperatures” and the school’s lack of AC.  Morton began receiving some slack from its students for its outdated building features but in particular; its air conditioning. 

“I don’t see why we still don’t have air conditioning yet; I mean they renovated some classrooms and re-painted the hallways and they even got a new security car, but still no air conditioning,” said Anthony Avitia, Junior at Morton East high school.  

Like Anthony, other students were also puzzled by the fact that the school had undergone some renovations during the summer-time, but the air conditioning was still an ongoing issue.  

“It isn’t as simple as it sounds, in order to install a modern air-cooling system, first we have to dismantle the wall and the floors as the building was not designed with an air- cooling system in mind, as it was built way back in the day,” Mr. Gamboa said, Principal of Morton East.  

Evidently, renovations and air conditioning go hand in hand in this situation, and that has propelled Morton to take the liberty and go ahead and make these improvements.  

“Many classrooms received a long overdue upgrade, we improved classrooms by installing new walls, floors, desks, chairs and doors, to name a few things but the air condition is still a work in progress,” said Mr. Gamboa. 

Although air conditioning is still a work in progress it is steadily heading in the right direction.  

“This weekend about 30 rooms will be getting air conditioning and that is because of the big chillers we are installing on the rooftop of the building,” Mr. Gamboa said. 

The future is bright – and presumably, cooler.

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