Transitioning from Morton East to Morton College

Pedro Zuniga and Aaron Fajardo

Transitioning from Morton east to Morton college 

The average price of going to Morton College would be $5000. Morton College was founded in 1924. At Morton College, you would be able to set up a schedule in either fall, spring, and summer.  On average, students take 2 years of community college, then you can transfer out into a university or a trade school.  

“The hardest part from high school going into college is no one is look out for you, as in if you’re going to ditch no one is going to call home,” said school counselor Ms. Patty Menges.    

At Morton East, everybody is set on the same with help by a counselor, while at Morton collage you create your schedule on your own.  

“The biggest transition can be that you set up your own schedule instead of having it done for you,” said Morton College student Michelle Perez.                                          

After setting up your own schedule, other students like student-athletes still undergo adjusting to their new daily routine.  

“I would have practice in the morning instead of the afternoon,” said Morton East student-athlete Veymer Ramos.

 Morton college academic advisors