Nike fights for rights, students fight for fashion

Students at Morton East High School prefer fashion over politics.  

For example, Nike has become political because they made Colins Kaepernick the new face of Nike; you may had seen the ad. In the ad, Kaepernick is being hated on because he’s one of the athletes who took a knee for the silent protest.  Kaepernick was fired from the NFL, and is a free agent – without any takers at the moment.  But, Nike took him.  Colin Kaepernick has increased in stature, importance ever since the take a knee campaign: “Believe in something. Even if it meant sacrificing everything”.  According to Today Nike has had a big boost, with online sales up to 31 percent between the Sunday of Labor Day weekend to Tuesday. The company now has offices around the world and has billings more than 3 billion. One of the first Ad was launched in 1988 for “Just Do It”. In a random survey of 120 Morton East Student, 101 reported they will still buy Nike shoes after the Kaepernick ad.  

 Even though people are upset with the move that Nike pulled, Collins Kaepernick is loved by a lot of people and his team mates.  

“It’s very complex right?  (Nike is) doing good to promote a man who’s being blacklisted from his profession,” Dean Mr. Dugan said.   

Kaepernick is standing up for what he believes in, and not only standing up for his right, but for others who don’t stand up for themselves.  

“He’s portrayed by some media as a negative person; he’s hated by a lot of people; he’s loved by a lot of people.   So, Nike putting (Kaepernick) on this platform (shows) he’s standing for something he believes in — standing up for other people’s rights,” Dean Mr. Dugan said.  

Nike putting Kaepernick on their platform is major because it gives them a up and down scale — because they could lose customers and gain customers. 

“Essentially, (Kaepernick) is now sacrificing his lively hood, (but Nike) is paying him.   I think again we are talking about a company that uses illegal child labor (for) profit.  Everyone knows that (Nike abuses) workers to make more money,” Dean Mr. Dugan said.  

Many people, though, are willing to ignore the negatives and just support Nike.  

“I feel that it’s inspiring and he’s having his point of view and it helps in the world. I love Nike,” Student Malik said.