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Tamale sales came alive on Day of the Dead

Jonathan Frutos, Reporter

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750 tamales were sold by Morton East’s work program the last week of October to celebrate Day of the Dead.   Morton East prefers the green chicken tamales — they were the most popular.

The Día de los tamales, the tamales that people are selling, are green chicken, red pork, and veggie pepper with cheese. The sellers were selling them for $1.50 each or $18 for a dozen; minimum order that can be made is a half-dozen for $9.  The tamales had to be pre-ordered and paid for by October 26The form and payment had to be paid for Ms. Doris Tobin in room #407. Deliveries occurred on Thursday, November 1

 “Tamales sold quick, and everyone said they were delicious.” said Ms. Doris Tobin.  

Such success means another sale is in the planning.

“Pre-ordered early for the second tamale sale which will take place in December,” said Ms. Doris Tobin. 

Her second tamale sales will take place between the month or December, so students can have an opportunity to enjoy fresh tamales over winter break.

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2 Responses to “Tamale sales came alive on Day of the Dead”

  1. Israel on January 8th, 2019 1:04 pm

    I’m not a person to be negative but, these tamales at school are not good. The hot chocolate is just hot water with a packet of chocolate. Go to 26th street and see what champurrado and tamales really are. For that price being sold it is not work a dime. I feel disrespected on how untraditional this food and drink was. Then again what can you expect on school food.

  2. KIMBERLY J DOMINGUEZ 2 hour on January 10th, 2019 10:28 am

    I can connect to this topic with a personal experience by I was in an after school program call VIVA! and one day they ask us to sale anything to get money to get to go to a field trip. Me and my mom decide that sealing tamales will help my after school program rich our goal too was going to the field trip . We started to sealing tamale at $1.00 each and the 1/2 dozens of tamales at $10.00 and the dozens at $15.00. Everyone love the tamale that my mom made. We sold approximate about 700 tamales. The most comment tamales were the green ones that they were so delicious.

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Tamale sales came alive on Day of the Dead