Could you give up your cellphone? Doubt it

Kimberly Dominguez and Maria Sanchez

At Morton East, most students can’t live without their cell phones for a day, it seems.   

In a random survey of 140 Morton East students, 79 students reported that they would never “give up their cell phone for the day.”  Meanwhile, 61 students said they would like to try to be without their phones for a whole day.  If you look around, it’s pretty obvious that more and more student prefer being on their cell phones, rather than communicating with their friends, family, etc., in person. In the past years, the number of students and adults using their cell phones has grown. Students and adults communicating via text and social media is easier.   

“Only four hours I cannot go without my cell phone least that that, I feel without my phone I feel fun I focused what is going on around me instead of being in Instagram sitting down just watching the feeds,” senior plus Jaylan white said.   

Another student feels differently.  

“I cannot leave my cell phone any second, I feel that without my cell phone I am not alive it’s like I don’t have communication with my friends and the day goes very slow and boring,” junior Evelin Perez said.  

But, others prefer their cell phone 24/7. 

“While I sleep is the only time (I am not using my phone), I really leave my cell phone alone, so I can get rest and be ready for the next day, I only watch YouTube videos and facetime with my girlfriend,” Vincennes University of Indiana professor Alexis DeJesus said.