Josten presents class of 2019 rings

One of Mr. Frankfother’s regrets about high school is that he lost his class ring, right after graduation. In fact, he has thought about buying a replacement. A representative from Josten company, Mr. Duke Cranley, recently talked to Morton East students about class rings.

Josten is a company that works with Morton East High School to provide things for the seniors need, like cap and gown, customized class rings, and clothing that has their year of graduation. Every year a representative from the company comes to Morton East to give a presentation of what they must sell and explain that every student must provide their height and weight for the cap and gown. There’s not as many class rings that are sold today as there were 30 years ago. Josten was the company to design the World Series Championship Ring for the Chicago Cubs when they won in the year 2016.

“Rings range from $70 to $1000 depending on the design and sign of ring,” Josten representative said.

Many people find the merchandise as something needed to remember their last year of high school

Others don’t.

“If you have the money for the merch than go for it, but it is really not a necessity especially not for me,” Christina Cortez a senior at Morton East said.

If you are going to spend the money, make sure it is something you like.

“A memorable object of your choice that can be personalized to your taste that will be meaningful and worth the money,” Mr. Duke, representative of Jostens said.