Did Morton East students make Ofrendas this year?


The Knowledge Center had an ofrenda exhibit where students and staff could submit photos of loved ones who have passed on. Inside, there was an exhibition of student ofrendas as well.

Haven Ramos, Francisco Ruiz, and Manny Torres

It’s that time of year again. Altars and Ofrendas have made their way back into Morton East students homes. Or have they?

Morton is heavily populated with Latinos and the ofrendas are a big part of their culture this time of year; the Spanish classes and librarians put up some ofrendas on display at the Morton East library on third floor. During second period, the Spanish Classes here at Morton East were asked for a show of hands:  how many of them made Ofrendas?

In a random survey of the second period Spanish classes at Morton East, only 10 students out of 57 said they made an ofrenda this year; 47 students did not make ofrendas.  Despite the low amount of ofrendas made, there are still many different unique types of ofrendas and altars on display in the Morton East library.  Most of them came from Spanish classes.  The large exhibit ofrenda at the front entrance was put together by the librarians, Spanish teachers, and by the students who are taking Spanish this year.