Winter Formal Cancelled

Lizbeth Vargas and Michelle Fernandez

Winter formal was cancelled.

Ticket sales were low.  Many students did not want to go to the dance and did not buy ticets.  Due to that and the weather, it was cancelled. Many girls did not really feel comfortable to ask any guys to the dance — since it was a turnabout.  In a random survey of 61 students, 48 students had say NO that they were not going to the dance and only 13 students said yes that they would go.

“I don’t get asked out. I like to be the one to ask a women out to a dance,” Senior Gajuan Williams said.

A lot of these guys didn’t feel like it was right to get asked out by a girl — or at least never got asked by a girl. Guys usually do the asking, so when it’s switched, it’s a little weird for the guys.

“Nah… I’m good.  It’s just not in my interest getting asked out by a girl or even going to the dance,” Senior Jose Gonzalez said.

Some kids believe that the dance wasn’t promoted enough — that the school didn’t make it a big enough deal for students to attend.  But, journalism teacher Mr. Kent Frankfother, thinks otherwise.

“I think that students forgot about how fun social engagements are over the pandemic.  That, coupled with the fact that many students wait until the last minute to buy tickets, got the dance cancelled,” Mr. Frankfother said.