How Teachers At Morton East Deal With Stress

Luis Landa, Survey Teachers on Stress at work

It’s very possible one of your teachers is stressed today.

In a survey of ten Morton East teachers who were asked “Did you feel stress from your job today?”,  three said they felt stressed that day.

According to, there are 5 ways a teacher can deal with stress: teachers should schedule time for themselves to respond to stress, assess their stress levels and figure out the problems, then participate in stress-relieving activities — such as meditation, yoga, exercise, and even calm music — all to help with dealing with stress.

What is one thing teachers wished students knew when about the stress they feel?

“I wish students knew that I am not stressed at them; it is just what I go through out of school that stresses me out here,” English Teacher Ms. Alex Ellison said.

At times it can be challenging to deal with stress while teaching.  Teachers’ moods change just like students’ moods — maybe because of students’ moods even.

“My Mood can change;l it all depends truly on how I am feeling.  The way I deal with it is by taking a nap or playing a game to try and be relaxed,” English Teacher Ms.Ellison said.

This shows that being a teacher can be challenging.

When students aren’t being respectful at times it can be a bit frustrating.

“When kids make me repeat something over and over and feel like they are not listening to me,” English Teacher Ms.Ellison said.

What can one do when they feel stressed?

“Well, out of school I probably would just take a nap, but here in Morton I sit in a quiet room with calm music and just relax till I feel better,” English Teacher Ms.Ellison said.