Students dislike hoco theme


Yadira Leon

Melanie Moran, senior, is helping with homecoming decorations.

The majority of Morton East students surveyed don’t like this year’s homecoming theme.  

This year’s theme is called color splash. While 41 students did like the homecoming theme, in a random survey of 105 Morton East students, 64 students reported not liking this year’s homecoming theme.   People love decorating the school during homecoming week. Some classes decorate their doors according to the theme. The first-day students get to wear their class colors. On the second day, you get to wear only white and black from head to toe. The third- day students get to mix and match as many colors as they can. The fourth day if they play a sport they get to wear red, if in a club they get to wear blue, if they have a pet they can wear yellow, if they are multilingual they can wear orange, if they’re a gamer they get to wear purple, fine arts students get to wear black, AP students can wear green, if they love someone they get to wear pink, lastly if they are employed they can wear white. The very last day students get to wear maroon. Homecoming usually has a homecoming court with a King and Queen. In high school, the homecoming game celebrates the careers of the senior high school athletes –normally the football players. Homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back former students and members and celebrating an organization’s existence.

Many students are enthusiastic about this year’s homecoming!  

“I am excited because I want to be with all my friends and this is my first year going to homecoming.” sophomore, Ramos said.   

Surprisingly, even teachers and deans are excited about homecoming events.  

“I’ve never been a part of a Morton homecoming. I’m excited!” dean, Mr. Depa said.   

Interestingly, the coordinators of the homecoming events are stressed.   

“So many different events, probably planning and keeping up with all the events. There has to be about 20 events that we need to keep up with.” homecoming director Ms. Courtney Miller said.   

At first, students and teachers had opinions about the theme and homecoming.   

“My favorite theme has been Disney because it’s more interesting than this year’s theme.” junior Fatima said.   

And, complaints are often louder than appreciation. 

“My heart goes out to anyone that has been in charge with a big event like homecoming and prom because students are usually filled with criticism and complaint regardless of what is chosen; I know this firsthand.  You can’t please everyone,”  journalism teacher Mr. Kent Frankfother said.

But, most students disliked the homecoming theme.   

“It’s really complicated to go according to the theme. It’s not a specific theme and it’s too generalized. You can’t really do anything.” senior, Maria Aguayo said