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Euthanasia: Is it murder or mercy?

Maybe it’s just of right of choice

Suicide, murder, and immorality are what they call it. The “good death,” or translated into Greek, Euthanasia. I think we all would like to have a good death: no pain, no suffering, a peaceful way to pass away and leave everything behind with no worries, to explain how it truly is.


The decision to end one’s life pain-free should always be available to anyone. 

Euthanasia allows for safe medical practice, providing a dignifying, safer, and nonviolent way of assisted suicide. According to the National Institute of Health, Euthanasia helps bring the patient’s life to an end with no worry of suffering or further complications. Doctors can ensure death in ways suicide by other means cannot. For example, suicide complicates things with psychological trauma. Euthanasia can help arrange goodbyes to loved ones. Furthermore, Euthanasia can provide organs to those in need from patients. 


In addition, Euthanasia will stop the suffering of those terminally ill and who are suffering with no cure. Constant pain and hourly medication with no fix would be a nightmare to deal with for the rest of your life. NIH states that relief of suffering through lethal ingestion is humane and compassionate to stop the constant pain and flood of opioids. Keeping someone alive because of attachment is selfish to the person by keeping them suffering physically or mentally.  


Last but not least, the respect of self-autonomy is given and allowing oneself to do what they want to do with their own body helps make the process stress-free. According to an article from the University of Puget, one critical factor to think about is the person’s view of their suffering and quality of life, not the observations of third parties. Many people can be quick to judge others’ lives with no information. Euthanasia is seen as immoral and a selfish act; however, you can never know the pain or suffering one has gone through. Euthanasia is an option, a decision, and a thought that comes to mind, not a forced decision. 


Humans are social beings, and when more people support and follow through with Euthanasia, it sends a message that life is not worth living. Euthanasia is considered immoral and a bad viewpoint on life, to just end life with no meaning, no dignity, or self-worth, a cowardly way to go. 


However, it gives us freedom and the right of self-autonomy, pain relief, and safe medical practices. Call it murder or suicide; in conclusion, Euthanasia is a freedom choice of self-autonomy and one’s self-right to choose. In the end, it’s not you who is suffering in a bed drugged out of pain relievers and opioids. 

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    Alexander PichardoApr 12, 2024 at 7:51 am

    One thing I wonder about this topic is, would you just be able to opt out of prolonging your life with a terminal illness and get euthanized without question, or would there be a purposely tedious process?