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Illegal chip sales EXPOSED

Uziel Alvarez, Alex Giron, and Manuel Avila

March 23, 2017

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At least one student here at East has been fundraising for himself, earning more than $60 a day. But he's retiring. In Morton East there is a strict policy that bans anyone from selling to students for themselves. Schools allow...

Are you higher than your grades? You got a problem

Alejandro Rodriguez, Ruben Torres, Manuel Ramirez, and Keshawn Kumsa

March 23, 2017

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Students recently have been caring more about being under the influence than attending school and completing responsibilities first. Smoking and finding ways to be under the influence have become much more popular in recent...

Five Guys takes the burger challenge

Oscar Rojas, Journalist

March 20, 2017

Filed under Community, Opinion, Student Life

Best burgers? Five Guys, says a random survey conducted at Morton East.  Five Guys came out on top among other fast food places:  McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King. After school students enjoy to go out for a quick bite...

Split-decision on rappers: new versus old school

Jose Pena and Raul Castaneda

March 2, 2017

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Opinion

If the top 5 rappers from old school and modern rap were to battle it out, which one do you think would be victorious? Hip-hop originated in the early 1970's by young African-Americans and Hispanics in South Bronx, New York....

Pitbulls are not what they seem

Michelle Muñoz and Diana Fuentes

March 1, 2017

Filed under Community, Opinion, Student Life

Society considers pit bulls to be dangerous dogs; truth is, society is just being led by stereotypes, and it is terribly misinformed. There are an estimated 5,000,000 Pit bull and Pit bull type breeds in the U.S.. Pit bulls...

Perfect hair, makeup is necessary for prom

Jazmin Diaz and Melissa Villalobos

February 27, 2017

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It's the time many girls and guys have been waiting for, prom. Picking out the perfect hair and makeup is a big part of the prom experience for many girls. Many girls prefer to do their own hair and makeup in order to avoid...

Are students inspired by art?

Samantha Olivares, Reporter

February 27, 2017

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Opinion, Student Life

Does art inspires students?  Do they enjoy it?  For some, it inspires them and it represents something for them, it has meaning to them. In a survey of a 100 students in Morton East, more than half are inspired through art. A...

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