Students Choose Best Chinese Food for 2020

This is a takeout meal Karla Perez and her family had Friday night, from a local Cicero spot.

Karla Perez

This is a takeout meal Karla Perez and her family had Friday night, from a local Cicero spot.

Karla Perez , Reporter

Panda Express was the best Chinese food spot of last year for Morton’s students.  

In a random survey of 57 Morton East’s students, 13 students placed Panda Express as their first choice when they were given a variety of five different Chinese food places, around Cicero. Panda Express happens to be the biggest Chinese fast food restaurant chain in the United States. Amusingly, with over 1,800 locations and 27,000 employees around the world, one can even say this is one of the most popular fast-food spots out there! 

“Panda Express is a local restaurant that is pretty cheap and has an actual Chinese taste, along with healthy options. It tastes great!,” said student’s mom, Beatrize Perez. 

Moreover, Chinese Restaurant, came in second place as Morton East’s students favorite Chinese spot, with a total of 12 votes. This is also another local spot in Cicero that has a 4.3 rating on Yelp.  

“Chinese Restaurant can bring the food you order all the way to your house and the food tastes home-made, unlike all the fast-food junkies,” said English senior teacher, Mr. Robinson.  

Further, First Chop Suey came in third place with 9 votes. This spot has a 3.7 rating on Yelp, but there can be many people found under the review comments, complaining about the way the restaurant looks on the inside.  

“I have been going to First Chop Suey ever since I was a little boy, and the dishes are always consistently fresh and at reasonable prices. Yes, the place might look questionable on the inside, but what doesn’t wear down with time, right?,” said junior student, David Gonzales.  

As a result, Best Buy Chinese Chicken received the fewest votes. This restaurant came in with only 4 votes. 

“Best Buy Chinese Chicken always fills my plate up with onions, everywhere! I always ask for one thing and receive something completely different, every time! definitely do not recommend coming here unless you’re looking for disappointments.,” said English junior teacher, Ms.Samata.