How popular is Anime?

Anime popularity among students in Morton East High School is rising.

In a survey of asking 50 Morton East students only 21 of the students watch anime while the rest don’t. Anime is popular in America because unlike “Family Guy” and “Marvel’s Avengers” anime builds up an amazing story, telling phenomenon with an amazing visual to look at with the amazing story line. According to the article people watch anime “because anime gives such different type of appeals to anyone with different types of genres, art styles and story line telling”.  According to why is anime so popular?- The rising of Japanese cartoons, “Anime is a combination of graphic art, characterization, cinematography, and other creative methods. The very first Japanese animation was published with commercial productions in 1917. However, it was not until the 1960’s that a characteristic anime art style came to the US and remained a popular medium with the works of Osamu Tezuka.

“I watch anime not only for the enjoyment but because I like analyzing and looking deep into the plot, characters, and different aspects that make an anime,” Morton East senior Geo Bahena said.

Anime always has good storylines and plots, its one of the best things you can get from watching anime. It also delivers scenes where it builds fan bases due to how well it was written.

“I don’t watch anime, it has too many episodes, looks like its a show for children and well it’s not my type of genre to watch,” Morton East Senior Jose Gamboa said.

Sometimes anime isn’t really the best option to watch, not many people can just watch one series and love the whole genre. It’s not for everybody.

“I watch anime and what I think about it is that its great, there’s so many different types of anime to watch. There’s any type of anime for anybody and anyone,” Morton East senior Arthur Sevilla said.

One of the good things about anime is the genres, there’s a variety of anime to watch.

“To be honest I don’t like anime because there’s not enough comedy, therefore I prefer sitcoms,” Morton East senior Saul Gonzalez said.

Anime sometimes can’t deliver what people would expected, that’s why they stay on their own watching list.