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Student Pedro Roman brings his passion for gardening to light.

The students of Morton East, West, and the freshman center all collaborated to defend Illinois' native plant population. This school project, creating biodiversity located at the Freshman center, began in early June and ended in early August. Gardening helped fulfill both some of the students' volunteer hours and their passion for gardening. Socializing was made easy in this summer group because the hobby requires little to no social interaction, making it a quiet and calming way to save natures beauty, one plant at a time. In a random survey of 12 Morton students, 5 reported that they've gardened before, showing how little future generations are being educated about gardening and its benefits.

"I watched a documentary... it really piqued my interest, and the summer program was a good way to get included in the gardening community," Senior Pedro Roman said.

For Pedro Roman, gardening was a way to get introduced to the gardening community, but the gardening community is not an easy task to handle without some application, as put in by senior Christopher Gomez.

"Be dedicated to planting, watering, and just being able to communicate with everyone... Be social...," Senior Christopher Gomez said.

With that information, you too can indulge in the gardening community that Morton has grown into, this budding flower of sole interest or passion to protect plant life.

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Pedro Roman