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Adrian Barahona

Senior student goes fishing over the summer. 

According to ChatGPT, fishing is one of the oldest human activities, dating back to at least 40,000 years ago, and early humans used primitive tools like spears and nets to catch fish for sustenance. Fishing is one of the most popular recreational activities worldwide, with millions of people enjoying it as a hobby. It is a relaxing and often social pastime. Many anglers practice catch and release, where they return the fish they catch back to the water. This helps conserve fish populations and maintain the balance of aquatic ecosystems.

"It was a funny experience; me and my dad went fishing, and he caught a fish. When he went to release it, the fish ended up falling and bouncing back into the water," Morton senior Adrian Barahona said.

For Adrian Barahona, his experience with fishing was fun, but for Emaley Delgado, it was horrible. 

"My experience with fishing was horrible; there was a time where I managed to catch a small fish, but I ended up getting smacked in the face, said Morton senior Emaley Delgado.

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Adrian Barahona