Raging Bull Ranks Number One

Tania Teliz and Elizabeth Cuevas

Morton East loves Great America, and “Raging Bull” is its favorite rollercoaster.  

According to a random survey of 100 Morton East students Raging Bull is their favorite roller coaster; 87% of students said Raging Bull was their favorite.  The Joker came in second, while Goliath was third. Second to last was Vertical Velocity. Lastly, X- Flight was their least favorite roller coaster ride. 

Morton East rankings don’t exactly agree with the experts. According to Timeout’s “Six Flags Great America’s roller coasters ranked” by Clayton Guse, the wooden roller coaster Goliath is the number one best ride at Great America after its 180 feet drop down at an initial 85-degree angle. In addition, Raging Bull is the second most popular ride in Great America after its first release in 1999 despite the fact that this ride goes 73 miles per hour. Although Vertical Velocity or also known as V2, might go almost the same speed as the Raging Bull, this vertical ride takes you up and down repeatedly and ranks at number three. In fourth place, X Flight is the wing coaster traveling 55 miles per hour. (There is no doubt you will feel that you are in command to fly an airplane.) Lastly, a more mediocre ride is the Viper wooden roller coaster. This ride may not be as intense as others but it’s a great ride to still have fun without dropping more than 100 feet down. 

“When I first went to Six Flags the Raging Bull was the first ride I decided to ride. The ride itself is a ride of emotions and it honestly made me motivated to continue riding new rides. It was a good experience for the first roller coaster I have ever ridden,” freshman in college and Morton Alumnus Mayra Salazar said. 

Many people remember the Raging Bull being their rollercoaster ride. 

“The Raging Bull would probably be my favorite ride since both the speed and turns give out a good thrill. It also became my favorite ride since it was the first roller coaster that I’ve been on,” senior Guadalupe Ponce said. 

The Joker came in second in the survey with 68% of students saying it was their favorite.  

“The joker is probably my favorite because it was the only ride I was able to go on without having to wait for a long time in the line. I haven’t been on any of the other rides so I would have to say that The Joker is my favorite ride, but if I had the chance to go on any of the other ones it would have to be Goliath because its big, probably fast and it sounds like fun,” senior Fransisco Padilla-Leal said. 

Others have different reasons as to why The Joker is their favorite ride.  

“The Joker is my favorite ride because not only does it flip you back and forth, but it is different compared to the other rides. For instance, the other rides are bright, and they blend in with each other while The Joker strikes a big purple. Therefore, you can spot it out from the rest of the rides. The flipping back and forth is unique compared to the rest of the rides. In addition, I love the character, so it was ascetically pleasing, and I wanted to try. I wasn’t scared at that time because I was older,” senior Jason Chirino said. 

Students and teachers agree that there is something pleasant about the way the park looks.  

“I personally do not get on the rides and even if I do it would probably be the ones other than the roller coasters. I usually go to Six Flags for the lovely scenery. I enjoy the walks and passing through the gift shops. Although this place is expensive, I believe that everyone should get a chance to enjoy these insane rides at least once in their life or even for a walk in the park. Don’t forget the water rides during the summer,” English teacher Mr. Brad Reid said. 

Lastly, many teachers at Morton East are not the type to get on roller coasters anymore. 

“I miss the fun times roller coasters like this hold. I remember at the time I would be the type to get on all the rides despite how scary they looked. Now that I am older and have kids, I sit there watching them get on all these frighting rides I used to get on. It brings back lots of memories and I enjoy the company it brings to my kids that I used to be just like them,” P.E teacher Lynette Polchan said.