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HELP! Save the scary dates for Halloween

In the movie Swimfan, Erika Christensen is so obsessed with Jesse Bradford that she'll kill to keep him.

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In the movie Swimfan, Erika Christensen is so obsessed with Jesse Bradford that she'll kill to keep him.

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Halloween time is always full of creepy and fun experiences, but sometimes things can get a little scary, especially in the world of dating. 

Thanks to Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and the rest of the online dating apps and sites, getting a date has never been easier. However, while getting a date has become easier, this means that your odds of experiencing weird and creepy things while out on a date increases by a lot. Some people have had experiences like these though, like a few students and teachers here in Morton East who shared their take on the weird/creepiness of past dates. 

Very scary and real-life dangerous situations can occur when on a date. 

“While my date and I were waiting in his car almost ready to leave, a man came and started yelling and threatening us because he wanted to steal my date’s car,” said female math teacher. 

Even weird experiences can sometimes be very odd in itself. 

“My girlfriend and I were supposed to go on a double-date with some other couple, but when we met up, only the boyfriend from the other couple came. He had said that his girlfriend couldn’t make it, so he was awkwardly third-wheeling beside us,” said a local Morton student. 

Although there are times where the world of dating can be scary or odd, one shouldn’t lose hope to find the right person, it just takes time. 

“To find the right one you need to interact with all kinds of people,” said Morton East teacher Ms. Miller. 

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One Response to “HELP! Save the scary dates for Halloween”

  1. Giselle (3rd) on October 31st, 2018 11:31 am

    I thought this article was interesting because it corrilates dating with spooky season. This reminded me of an episode on 911 but instead of Halloween being the holiday, it’s Valentines day and the scary/weird stuff that happens that day with relationships and dates. My question would be: Which dating app has the most reports on weird and scary stuff happening?

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HELP! Save the scary dates for Halloween